Monday, May 25, 2009

Surviving High Society by Elizabeth Marvin Mulholland

To the outside world, Elizabeth Marvin Mulholland had it all. Adopted into a wealthy New England family, the young Elizabeth was afforded the luxury many people only realize in their dreams. She joined her family on lavish European vacations, lived in a finely decorated home, grew up in a world heavily infiltrated by power and money, and hob-knobbed with celebrities. As a close friend of Katherine Hepburn's niece, she gained an inside look into Katherine Hepburn's guarded inner life, which she details in Surviving High Society.

Her real life, however, was not the fantasy it seemed to others. Elizabeth grew up in a volatile household. Her adopted brother attempted to murder her mother and remained estranged in the decades to follow. Her father, who was her strongest ally, died suddenly when she was twenty-two. And, until her death, Elizabeth's mother used all means possible to exert control over her life. Her mother bounced Elizabeth in and out of psychiatric facilities and used her wealth to persuade doctors to keep Elizabeth locked up and medicated. Throughout, Elizabeth struggled to keep the pieces of her life together.

After her mother disinherits Elizabeth, she successfully seeks to find freedom and a life of her own away from her mother s ever-watchful gaze. Her life becomes a life without fantastic riches, filled with its own obstacles and triumphs. But it is now her life. (

I could not put down this book and read it in one day. This author does a great job telling us the story of her life. Elizabeth has been born illegitimately to her mother and a married father. She has been given up for adoption and got adopted by a wacky, moneyed, blue-blooded family in Conneticut. A year later the family adopted a boy who later attempts to murder her mother.

Her mother had some mental problems and was very controlling. She sent Elizabeth in and out of psychiatric hospitals over the years. When Elizabeth finally got the courage and broke free her mother disinherited her. It is amazing that this lady was able to trust someone else in her life and found love and happiness after what she has been through.
I have great admiration for this lady who was able to turn her life around and recommend this book to anyone.

  • Publisher: Bascom Hill Publishing Group (November 25, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1935098071
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935
  • Paperback: 184 pages
  • 098072

Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris


For Sookie Stackhouse, the day to day activities of the vampire and were communities in and around Bon Temps, Louisiana, are of vital interest, She's blood-bound to the leader of the vamps, a friend to the local were pack, works for a man who is shifter, and has a brother who is a were-panther…

But for most of the humans in Bon Temps, the vamps are mysterious seductive creatures-and they don't even know about the weres.

Until now. The weres and shifters have finally decided to follow the lead of the undead and reveal their existence to the ordinary world.

At first it seems to go well. Then the mutilated body of a were-panther is found in the parking lot of the bar where Sookie works. The victim is someone she knows, so she feels compelled to discover who-human or otherwise-did the deed.

But what she doesn't realize is that there is a far greater danger than the killer threatening Bon Temps. A race of unhuman beings--older, more powerful and far more secretive than vampires or werewolves-- is preparing for war. And Sookie will find herself an all-too human pawn in their battle…

I have read every book in this series and loved every one of them . I can't wait for the next one to come out to see what happens next. Charlaine Harris did an excellent job. The characters are lively and quirky as in all her books. The end of the novel is pretty open and makes me want to know what happens next. Is Sookie staying with Eric or will Bill come back into her life as her lover? Poor Sookie has so much going on in her life and makes you wonder what else can happen to her. I highly recommend this book to anyone who like southern Vampire Mystery.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirty Little Angels by Chris Tusa

This is a compelling story of the troubled life of 16 year old Hailey Trousclair, living in the slums of New Orleans with her dysfunctional family and friends. Hailey deals with rejection, deception, adultery, suicidal, betrayal, and violence throughout the novel. The story is very believable and makes you think. It is not a quick read.

I was impressed by the author’s style and quality of the book, very well written.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Afraid by Jack Kilborn

A team of top secret, killer soldiers (red op team) have been unleashed on the small Wisconsin town with a mission to complete at the cost of the entire population of the town with the exception of three people.

This is an awesome novel which comes alive with non stop action and horror from start to finish. You are not able to catch your breath before something else happens. Many twist and turns and you will feel like you know the characters.

I couldn’t put this book down once I got started reading. If you are not afraid you will be after reading this book. It is not for the faint of heart and you will make sure to look all your doors at night.
I am looking forward to read the next book by this author.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Run for your Life


A calculating killer who calls himself The Teacher is taking on New York City, killing the powerful, the arrogant, the don't-give-a-darnst-about-anyone rich. For some New Yorkers it seems that the rich were getting what they deserve at last. For New York's social elite, it is a call to chaos and terror. The Teacher's message to the wealthy is clear: remember your manners or suffer the consequences!
Detective Mike Bennett is assigned the case. Managing the pressure from his Commissioner, the Mayor, and the New York media would be enough for anyone, but Mike also has to care for his 10 children-who are all under 12 and who all have the flu!
Detective Bennett discovers a secret pattern in the Teacher's lessons-and realizes he has just hours to save New York from the greatest disaster in its history. From the #1 bestselling author who introduced readers to Alex Cross and the Women's Murder Club-comes the continuation of his newest, electrifying series. Run for Your Life is his most heart-stopping thriller yet.

Another great novel by James Patterson, fast read with lots of twist and turns. This is another hard to put down book. You want to keep reading to find out what happens next.

Deep Dish by Mary Kay Andrews


"Tasty Southern adventure...[Andrews is] the queen of sass."Daytona Beach News-Journal

After years of hard work, Gina Foxton, chef extraordinaire and former runner-up Miss Teen Vidalia Onion, is hosting her own show Fresh Start, on Georgia public television. She's also dating the producer. But when Fresh Start goes bad—and her boyfriend is caught in flagrante delicto with the boss's wife—Gina decides it's time to pursue bigger dreams. Namely a gig on national television.

Gina knows she's destined to be the Cooking Channel's next superstar. But the execs also have their eyes on Tate Moody, Mr. "Kill It and Grill It" himself, host of the hunting, fishing, and cooking show Vittles. The ultimate man's man, Tate is a tasty side of beef with a large, swooning female fan base. Gina's loyal devotees consist of her free-spirited college-dropout sister and her mother...who calls every single day.

When the smoke clears there can be only one TV chef standing, and Gina and Tate are ready for the cook-off of their lives.

I really enjoyed this book. Although slow in some places it is a quick and entertaining read.

One Day at a Time by Danielle Steel

Editorial Review:
Just because Coco Barrington is the black sheep in her legendary Hollywood family doesn’t mean her mother, Florence, a mega-bestselling author, and her sister, Jane, an Oscar-nominated producer, don’t love her. Coco must admit, though, dropping out of law school to work as a dog walker didn’t go over very well. What’s more, Coco shuns the whole Hollywood scene—and she’s rebelliously single, while Jane has lived with her partner, Liz, for ten years and widowed Florence has been seeing someone, too—24 years her junior! But when Coco reluctantly agrees to housesit for Jane, her life takes an unexpectedly dramatic turn…. Jane informs Coco that, to avoid a psychotic girlfriend, her friend Leslie will be sharing the house with Coco for the weekend. What she failed to say is that said “Leslie” is actor Leslie Baxter, the very male British heartthrob, who finds Coco’s honesty refreshing and her heart-stopping beauty impossible to resist. Would Coco ever consider a Hollywood relationship? Funny, sexy and wise, Danielle Steel’s wonderful novel explores the meaning of love and family through three very different couples learning to take life one day at a time.

Having read all of Danielle Steel's books the outcome was predictable. As with all of her books I was not able to put it down and read it in two days. It is a quick read and I truly enjoyed it. The characters are entertaining and interesting.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Grand Finale by Janet Evanovich


Berry Knudson had a talent for disaster, but when she climbed a tree to rescue a kitten, she wasn't prepared for the scrumptious hunk undressing in a nearby window, or her dive downward that smashed Jake Sawyer's pizza and won his heart! But was there room in her chaotic schedule for a risk-taking inventor with dreams? She took classes, delivered pizzas, and cared for three eccentric old ladies she rescued from the train station. But Jake thrived on a challenge, and he could be very inventive. Could he teach her there was time to make butterscotch pudding and let herself be loved?

This is a fun book to read. The characters are funny and hilarious at times and make you laugh a lot. The book held my interest from start to finish. I wouldn't say it was one of her best but pretty much what I expected from Janet Evanovich.