Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Death of a Pope by Piers Paul Read


Juan Uriarte, a handsome and outspoken Spanish ex-priest, seems to be the model of nonviolence and compassion for the poor and downtrodden. So why is he on trial, accused of terrorist activities? His worldwide Catholic charitable outreach program is suspected of being a front for radicals. The trial is covered by Kate Ramsay, a young British reporter, who sets out to uncover the truth about Uriarte and his work. She travels with him to Africa to see his work first hand but soon finds herself attracted to him.
Meanwhile an international conspiracy is growing, one that reaches into the Vatican itself. When the death of Pope John Paul II brings about the conclave that will elect Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI, a terrorist plot involving blackmail, subterfuge, and mass murder begins to fall into place... a plot that could spell disaster for the Catholic Church and the world.
Piers Paul Read's powerful tale combines vivid characters, high drama, love, betrayal, faith, and redemption in a story of intrigue, church espionage, and an attempt to destroy the longest continuous government in the world the Papacy. The Death of a Pope races toward an unexpected and unforgettable conclusion.

This is the first time I read a novel by this author. I couldn’t put this book down. This novel is a great page turner and a quick read.Great characters and interesting plot. I would recommend this book.

• Hardcover: 215 pages
• Publisher: Ignatius Press (May 15, 2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1586172956
• ISBN-13: 978-1586172954

End of Grace by K. Thomas Murphy


An incident in computer specialist Rick Macey's past has put him on the path of revenge. If his plan is successful, the object of his wrath, the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, could lose millions of dollars and thousands of members. What Rick cannot foresee are the sinister ways this church will react when threatened.
Mormons begin receiving letters that question the validity of their gospel and inform them that loved-ones have been baptized into an alternative faith. It's an assault on the authority of the church,and more importantly, it's beginning to impact church revenues. The Mormon leadership dispatches Kay Summers, a young but capable administrative assistant, to Oregon, where she finds and follows a thread leading to Rick.
Unbeknownst to her, they've also dispatched agents from the church's secret army, the Danite Knights, to follow her to the source of the problem and fix it - permanently.

Initially, Rick and Kay play cat and mouse, each trying to find out what the other knows, while in the shadows the Danites use limitless resources preparing to stop not only the letters, but anybody involved with them. Soon, mysterious deaths and close calls start happening. Rick and Kay, the two erstwhile adversaries become a team; ultimately running for their lives, desperately trying to put the puzzle together as they stay one step ahead of the tempest Rick has awakened.

Another first time author for me which I truly enjoyed reading. What an awesome job this author did with this novel. I learned some things I didn’t know about the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Interesting characters and a captivating plot. I am looking forward to read more by this author. I highly recommend this book.

• Paperback: 383 pages
• Publisher: MC2 Inc.; 1ST edition (2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0578020629
• ISBN-13: 978-0578020624

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Book Giveaway June 17th - June 24th

Book Giveaway



Syd, a breathtakingly beautiful supermodel on a photo shoot in Hawaii, disappears. Fearing the worst, her parents travel to Hawaii to investigate for themselves, never expecting the horror that awaits them.

LA Times reporter Ben Hawkins is conducting his own research into the case, hoping to help the victim and get an idea for his next bestseller. With no leads and no closer to uncovering the kidnapper's identity than when he stepped off the plane, Ben gets a shocking visit that pushes him into an impossible-to-resist deal with the devil.

A heart-pounding story of fear and desire, SWIMSUIT transports readers to a chilling new territory where the collision of beauty and murder transforms paradise into a hell of unspeakable horrors. (

Thanks to Miriam and Hachette Book Group, I have 1 copy of the soon to be released summer blockbuster SWIMSUIT by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wrongsized by Larry Solomon


Local Man Loses 27 Jobs In One Month

What do Barak Obama, Jack Kevorkian, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Fran Dresher, John Wayne Bobbitt, Jane Fonda, Dr. Phil, Madonna, and Rush Limbaugh have in common? They, and beaucoup others, are interwoven into this timely and hilarious saga about becoming chronically unemployed in 26 easy steps.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs per month. Are you one of them? Do you know someone who just lost his or her job? Is your boss a total jerk?

Wrongsized is a somewhat true story of what happened to me when I found myself in the same situation. Basically, it sucks. While I was off, I started making notes on alternative jobs to look for, and these notes became the basis for Wrongsized. When you have finished reading Wrongsized, you can spend some more time following the tips I have cleverly included to broaden your job search scope. Or, you can color the drawings. Your call.

I make this pledge of 100% guaranteed satisfaction...

If you are not satisfied with the contents of this book; if it did not lead you on the course of gainful employment; or, for any reason whatsoever you did not laugh your ass off, you may contact me and I will feel really, really, bad. (

With unemployment on the rise, this book will give you a different outlook on life. This book is extremely funny. I was laughing out loud a few times while reading. It is a quick fun read and will recommend this book to anyone who needs a few laughs.

• Paperback: 192 pages
• Publisher: Outskirts Press (March 30, 2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1432723472
• ISBN-13: 978-1432723477
• Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.7 inches

Gifts of War by Mackenzie Ford

During the Christmas Truce of 1914, Hal Montgomery, a British soldier, is given a photo by a German soldier, Wilhelm Wetzlar, and they make a pact. Hal promises to find his enemy’s English girlfriend, Samantha, and let her know her fiancĂ© is alive and thinking of her. Several weeks later, Hal—now injured—is discharged from the army and goes to Stratford on Avon to fulfill his promise. But things take an unexpected turn when he meets the woman in the photo and falls in love with her himself. As their romance blossoms, Sam shares with Hal her most private confidence: Her newborn son is of German lineage, information that threatens her reputation and her job as a schoolteacher. Fearful that he will lose Sam, Hal holds tight to the secret–and the photograph–that brought them together.

The scene shifts to London, where Hal becomes involved with military intelligence and is introduced to Sam’s sisters and a different kind of secrecy. Against the broader landscape of England in wartime, Gifts of War captures the era and the fates of men and women caught in the sweep of history. A vivid tale of romance, adventure, and intrigue, the novel is a remarkable narrative that explores what made War World I so tragic, so revolutionary, and so exciting. It also announces a gifted new novelist. (

Gifts of War is set during World War I, beginning with the Christmas Truce of 1914, ending in 1919 during the period of the Paris Peace Conference. The story is about war and romance. This is a fast paced read and I didn’t want to stop reading. I was only disappointed in the ending of the novel.

• Hardcover: 464 pages
• Publisher: Nan A. Talese (July 7, 2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 0385528957
• ISBN-13: 978-0385528955

Man Overboard by Sandy Mason

Author Sandy Mason releases Man Overboard, the second in his series of Johnny Donohue adventures. Using his wit and sometimes sarcastic look at life, Johnny gets involved in all sorts of adventures and affairs that make his escape to the simple life in a Florida marina not so simple. On Florida’s beautiful gulf coast, an experienced sailor suddenly goes missing at sea. His disappearance leads to a trail of money laundering, stolen boats, drug smuggling and kidnapping. Johnny Donohue and his ex-cop buddy Lonnie Turner work the case and become entangled in a Mexican drug ring with a penchant for violence. While Johnny uncovers some of his family secrets, his Latino lover is doing some investigating of her own as an undercover reporter. Filled with danger and suspense along with a few twists and turns, Man Overboard brings together the best and the worst facets of Florida life. There is intrigue, romance, sailing, drugs, cops and criminals as the story unfolds. Throw in some introspective dialogue and you have a pretty good story. (

I truly enjoyed this novel. The characters are believable and you are able to relate to them. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery and romance. This novel kept my attention from start to the end and I am looking forward to read more books by this Author. This book is a great beach read.

• Paperback: 230 pages
• Publisher: BookSurge Publishing (April 16, 2009)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1439233845
• ISBN-13: 978-1439233849

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bound to Please by Lilli Feisty


Ruby Scott is a beautiful, quiet event planner who leads an oh-so-respectable life. Yet the things that go on in her secret fantasies are anything but. She has every intention of keeping her hidden desires under wraps-until she meets a gorgeous, hard-muscled man ten years her junior. Mark St. Crow is a gifted, up-and-coming musician who collects erotic art and loves to "play" women as much as his piano. After one night of uninhibited passion, Ruby realizes there's no turning back. But as she surrenders to her deepest needs and lets Mark control every forbidden thrill, her passion for him builds. Can the wild, intoxicating nights they share lead to a love that will last forever?

This book is HOT, HOT, HOT. I read it in one day and didn’t want it to finish. This is an easily believable erotica which includes D/S scenes. This novel has a great story and the characters and the scenes are very believable. I definitely will be looking forward to more books from this Author.

# Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
# Publisher: Forever (May 1, 2009)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0446541923
# ISBN-13: 978-0446541923

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon

Synopsis COMING HOME IS MURDER... Revenge. Edie Swann has hungered for it since she fled her hometown as a little girl. Now she's returned, ready for payback. Armed with a list of names, she leaves each one a chilling sign that they have blood on their hands. Her father's blood. What happens next turns her own blood cold: one by one, the men she's targeted start dying. Sheriff Holt Drennen knows Edie is hiding something. She has a haunted look in her eyes and a defiant spirit, yet he can't believe she's a murderer. As the body count rises and all evidence points to Edie, Holt is torn between the town he's sworn to protect and the woman he's come to desire. But nothing is what it seems. Long buried secrets begin to surface, and a killer won't be satisfied until the sins of the past are paid in full--this time with Edie's blood. (Barnes&

This was the first book I read by this Author and I loved it. This novel kept me entertained and guessing from start until end. Great mixture of romance and suspense. I highly recommend this book if someone loves romantic suspense.

  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Forever (May 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0446178446
  • ISBN-13: 978-0446178440

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale


What if you were to meet the number-one person on your laminated list—you know, that list you joke about with your significant other about which five celebrities you’d be allowed to run off with if ever given the chance? And of course since it’ll never happen it doesn’t matter…

Mormon housewife Becky Jack is seven months pregnant with her fourth child when she meets celebrity hearththrob Felix Callahan. Twelve hours, one elevator ride, and one alcohol-free dinner later, something has happened…though nothing has happened. It isn’t sexual. It isn’t even quite love. But a month later Felix shows up in Salt Lake City to visit and before they know what’s hit them, Felix and Becky are best friends. Really. Becky’s husband is pretty cool about it. H er children roll their eyes. Her neighbors gossip endlessly. But Felix and Becky have something special…something unusual, something completely impossible to sustain. Or is it? A magical story, The Actor and the Housewife explores what could happen when your not-so-secret celebrity crush walks right into real life and changes everything. (Barnes&Noble)

This story is about the friendship between Becky, a pregnant happily married, Mormon Housewife and Felix, an Actor. Their friendship spans over years of joy and heartbreak.
Some parts of the novel made me laugh out loud but then at other parts I just didn’t feel connected. The story just didn’t grab me like I wanted it to.

* Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
* Pub. Date: June 09, 2009
* ISBN-13: 9781596912885
* 352pp

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swimsuit by James Patterson


Syd, a breathtakingly beautiful supermodel on a photo shoot in Hawaii, disappears. Fearing the worst, her parents travel to Hawaii to investigate for themselves, never expecting the horror that awaits them.

LA Times reporter Ben Hawkins is conducting his own research into the case, hoping to help the victim and get an idea for his next bestseller. With no leads and no closer to uncovering the kidnapper's identity than when he stepped off the plane, Ben gets a shocking visit that pushes him into an impossible-to-resist deal with the devil.

A heart-pounding story of fear and desire, SWIMSUIT transports listeners to a chilling new territory where the collision of beauty and murder transforms paradise into a hell of unspeakable horrors. (Barnes&Nobles)

Kim McDaniels, a beautiful supermodel dissapears in Hawaii. After receiving a terrifying phonecall in the middle of the night from the person who took their daughter, her parents travel to Hawaii to find out what happened to their daughter.
Ben Hawkins, a reporter for the L.A. Times gets the McDaniels assignment and flies to Hawaii to start his own investigation on the dissapearance of Kim McDaniels.
Little did they know that a nightmare awaits them and a horrifying killer is on the loose.
As always with Pattersons novels, there are many twists and turns.

Pattersons writing style is a little different with co-authors than if he writes himself. I am a big fan of all his work and enjoy reading all of his books. Keep the books coming Mr. Patterson.

* Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
* Pub. Date: June 29, 2009
* ISBN-13: 9780316018777
* 416pp