Friday, July 31, 2009

Alibi by Teri Woods

Alibi by Teri Woods

Two men think they've found the perfect opportunity--a chance to rob the stash house of Simon Shuller, one of Philadelphia's biggest drug lords. But their plans are spoiled when one of Shuller's men catches them as they break into the stash house. Temperatures flare as the men capture Shuller's worker, Poncho, and force him to show them the goods. What they didn't expect was for Poncho's partner to be armed and very dangerous. An altercation breaks out and when the smoke clears, Nard, Poncho's accomplice, is the only one left standing. Thinking quickly, Nard cleans shop and makes his escape, but not before being spotted by a few neighbors. Not wanting to kill anyone else, he makes a mad dash for the streets but wonders if the witnesses will give up his identity. What he needs now is a plausible alibi. If he doesn't come up with one fast, it could mean life in prison, or death on the streets.
Daisy Fothergill needs money-fast. Life as a stripper and barmaid isn’t paying the bills, so when her boyfriend offers her cash to provide an alibi for his friend, Daisy is more than happy to oblige. Once Daisy realizes she is aiding and abetting a cold-blooded killer- and that the FBI is on to her- she decides to bolt…from both Nard and the government agents. But someone is watching Daisy, and her time is about to run out.

I love Teri Woods and enjoyed this crime thriller as much as all of her other books. This novel was a quick read with 239 pages. I am looking forward to read Alibi II and wonder if we hear more about Daisy.

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Pub. Date: August 2009
ISBN-13: 9780446581691

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